Art by Juniper Spring Photography - Bay Area & San Jose Art Portraits
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Art Galleries

Famed photographer Minor White said, “…all photographs are self-portraits.” Everything I shoot, from weddings, to families, to portraits of women, I impart a piece of my spirit – my outlook, my beliefs, my heart. I love this play, this camaraderie, this closeness, of trying to communicate both the subject and myself at the same time in one photo. Sometimes, though, there’s a specific thing I’d like to say, and that’s where art comes in. It’s a chance for me to simply share myself with the world – a thought, a feeling, a struggle or joy – something at once personal and universal. My imagery is often a little dark, a little moody, a little pensive.

But always, I strive, for a glimpse of hope.

“When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them.” – Annie Leibovitz