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Nudoir with M.

Nudoir with M.

I’m pretending that Nudoir is a word and going with it :). I photographed M’s wedding a number of years back, and have since done a couple of photo shoots with her. It’s always fun to catch up with a past client, and I love the experience of working with the same person in such different environments. This time we did a combination of boudoir (clothed) and nudoir images – but really, I’m not quite sure there’s a line or a difference. My favorite things about this shoot are the black and white images – there’s something super painterly about them that I just adore (I’m sure I say that every time I shoot in black and white, but it’s true!) and M’s mysterious gaze. I think she kind of nailed a combination of intensity, confidence, and allure. I can’t manufacture that sort of thing – it has to come from the client, and it normally only happens if the person takes that defiant step to overcome their nervousness and really trust the process and the photographer. It’s an act of bravery that I believe pays off every time, and it certainly did with M!

As always, click on the images to see the full image with the correct crop :). Want to know more about doing a nudoir session with me? Shoot me a message and I’ll answer any questions you have!

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