Classic Boudoir Photo Session | Kit | Juniper Spring Photography
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Classic Boudoir – Kit

Kit’s Classic Boudoir Photo Session


Kit came in for her Boudoir session in anticipation of marrying her sweetheart just one month later. She was anxious when we started but visibly relaxed as the shoot went on. She brought a lovely kimono style wrap that she had also worn for her engagement shoot. It fit well with our overall blue color scheme! Kit’s Renaissance beauty lent itself perfectly to this classic boudoir style.


Her red hair and makeup by Beautiful One Makeup were offset by the blue hues of this shoot. Apparently Becca from Beautiful One also did her engagement shoot makeup, which was kind of a funny coincidence. Blue was also her wedding color, so it worked out perfectly! We even took a couple of photos with my dog Shadow because (according to some) he looks like a wolf from Game of Thrones.


After doing the boudoir shoot in my San Jose studio, we moved on to doing a flower bath water shoot. I have my water shoot set up just outside so it’s super convenient to do both and I often bundle them together.


I sent her a little questionnaire after the fact and was really touched by what she wrote – you can read it in full on the blog :).

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