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It all started with some candles. In June 2015 I participated in a styled wedding shoot, and for that shoot I made 50 candles. Well, rather, I collected 50 wine bottles, washed them removed all the labels, painted them gold, and then painstakingly melted the candles in them (because these, most candles are non-drip. Dumb). In any case, they made their debut in that shoot, but I still wanted another chance to play with them. I mean, after you spend countless hours making a prop, you want to get as much out of it as you can. So I conceived of this witchy, spooky, and beautifully dark portrait shoot. I suggested it to Make-Up Artist Eugenia Lomeyko, and she was equally excited about it. Finally, after asking around I found model Haylee Bay, and my vision became a reality – just in time for Halloween. We decided to start out with the golden light of the setting sun and finish up with my candle setup. As always, there’s rushing to catch that last ray of sunlight, then rushing to shoot before the candles melted, but everything came together beautifully. I am so excited with how these turned out! Thanks so much to Eugenia and Haylee for being pros at their craft, and my awesome friends at Dracast who helped by providing lighting, assistance and comradery. I love the feeling of a vision coming to life through collaboration. Enough words – here’s the pretty! Definitely make sure to click on each image to see it bigger :).

I am available for art portrait commissions, just shoot me an email :).

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