San Jose Milkbath Maternity | Nhela | Juniper Spring Photography
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San Jose Milkbath Maternity | Nhela

Nhela and I spent a bit of time thinking about what we wanted to do for her milkbath maternity shoot. She is planning to name her baby violet (SO SWEET)

so naturally variations of lilac and violet were a great fit. But since we were thinking of doing two looks, I suggested we do one for fall as well, since little Violet will be a fall baby.

It just worked out that sunflowers are her favorite flower, and this red gown from my portrait closet was a perfect fit.

I think you will agree with me that both color palettes turned out beautiful, and Nhela was simply radiant and couldn’t stop smiling throughout the shoot. Violet, you sure are lucky to have such a gorgeous mama <3.


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