Portraits by Juniper Spring Photography - Bay Area & San Jose Portraits
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Portrait Galleries

What is a women’s beauty portrait? Well, if you happen to be a woman, it’s a portrait of you. It’s that simple. Photos speak of truth they say what is, what was either literally or figuratively, on the outside or deep within. A portrait, specifically, makes a claim this person existed. What’s most fascinating to me is the second claim they make this person mattered. If someone photographed this person, there must have been a reason they must have been important. Imagine looking at old photographs in a book, or on a postcard. Don’t you want to know who that person was? How they lived and who they loved? And don’t you think someone wanted this photo, to remember this person“. Because this person has value. That’s why I want to photograph you because you have value. Regardless of whether you have kids or a spouse, regardless of whether you have the body of a supermodel or the skin of a baby. You exist, you have value, and I would like to photograph you.

The specific reasons why a woman comes to a point where she wants to commission a portrait are as varied as the women themselves. Perhaps she cherishes a photo she has of a loved one a mother or grandmother and wants to leave her children a similar gift. Perhaps she’s having a time of awakening, of something important happening, and wants to capture the essence of this time in her life. Maybe she’s turning 50, and she is awesome. Maybe she’s graduating, maybe she’s moving, maybe she kicked cancer’s ass. Maybe she just looked in the mirror one day and thought “I want to have a photo“. Whatever the reason, it’s reason enough.

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” – Paul Caponigro